restorative yoga

What is Restorative Yoga?

We may spend personalised sessions doing restorative yoga on its own or in combination with movement, aromatherapy, an oracle reading or sound healing. This practice is part of my ‘Relax & Restore’ service, and may be used as well in Womb Wellness, especially in the case of fertility or post-natal support.

“Restorative yoga is a gentle, nurturing practice of undoing tension and influencing the circulatory and organ systems of the body to promote our natural state of relaxation. Restorative yoga is the practice of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’.

Specific postures are supported with various props that provide comfort, aiding in the ability to stay for a while, as a way to calm and balance the nervous system, and strengthen immunity.

Slowing down in this way helps to teach the body resiliency and recovery, as we pulse between the stress response (surviving) and our natural state (thriving). This practice reminds the body of its innate capacity to heal mental, physical, and emotional symptoms, connecting us back to wholeness and vitality through conscious relaxation.”

-Excerpts from Restorative Yoga training manual by Kim McBean.