private yoga classes in toronto

Integrating yoga, mindful movement & earth-based wisdom

 Does a typical yoga studio class feel intimidating or unable to meet your specific needs? Are you dealing with: Chronic pain, a reproductive health issue, anxiety or healing from trauma? Are you experiencing a hormonal change such as: pregnancy, post-partum or menopause? Are you suffering from burnout and wish to prioritise self-care?

 If yes, you’ve come to the right place!

Willowroot’s mission is to help you get rooted again- in your body wisdom, natural rhythms and inner knowing.  

Founder, Serena Oakley is a healer and teacher with 15+ years experience. She offers private yoga classes for womb wellness, resilience & relaxation, as well as group yoga for social services in TorontoShe also facilitates seasonal goddess circles and workshops.

Serena draws from her healing toolbox of: Yoga, mindful movement, natural medicine, and her own healing journey with endometriosis. Serena’s approach is warm, genuine and resilience-building. She seamlessly weaves her ever growing knowledge of Indigenous & intersectional feminist perspectives into her work. Classes are accessible, body positive & trauma-informed. 


If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.”

-rainer maria rilke

WOMB Wellness 

private sessions for: Reproductive health, sexuality, pre/post natal


  • Ease anxiety and increase confidence through hormonal and life transitions
  • Receive a personalised movement practice you can do at home. 
  • Yoga for: Fertility, pre-natal, post-partum, menopause
  • Yoga for: Endometriosis, pelvic pain, fibroids, womb trauma, etc.
  • Embody your feminine power
  • Healing Tools: Yoga, mindful movement, bellydance, aromatherapy, womb blessings & oracle readings to support womb wellness.


    Private Sessions & classes for trauma, Sexual assault, mental health, mobility issues, chronic pain


    • Learn accessible tools for self-regulation, grounding, relaxation.
    • Receive a personalised practice to increase well-being and safety in your body.  
    • Improve mobility and function in your day to day life.
    • Cultivate body-sovereignty and inner strength
    • Social Services: Trauma-informed yoga & mindful movement classes for social service organisations, shelters, non-profits.
    • Healing tools: Accessible chair yoga, mindful movement, sound healing, aromatherapy.

    relax &

    private sessions for: BURNOUT, STRESS, Exhaustion & self-care


    • Receive a deeply replenishing yoga session tailor-made just for you. 
    • Slow down and recover from environmental stress, overwork, high-stress job, life transition, new parenthood
    • Sleep better at night
    • Self-care coaching
    • Healing tools: Restorative yoga, mindful movement, aromatherapy, sound healing, oracle card reading. 

    Words from the Willow:

    I am strong and rooted, yet able to bend and flow with the changing wind. My roots grow near water, the element of feeling; my branches reach up to the moon, governess of cycles. I am a tree of life, death and rebirth. I honor the wisdom of my feelings and grow strong from their fertile soil. I hold and honor all of who I am and all of who you are, through every phase of life. My bark produces salycin, a pain remedy- I relieve pain and transform wounds into new growth. I help create new life in myself and others by easing the pathways through change. I am a bridge between what is and what is yet to be. Ancient and wise, I see you, honor you, and embrace you, exactly as you are. Welcome home.