Welcome to my blog, Endo the Patriarchy! Here, I explore and unravel the effects of patriarchy on womxn’s mind-body & spirit, inspired by my experience living with endometriosis. It is a compilation of personal experience, observations and musings related to embodiment and womb healing. I explore the connection between our bodies and the land we live on, our relationship to ourselves, the Sacred Feminine & nature.

Questions I explore are: What does it mean to be embodied? How does trauma affect our ability to be embodied and what is its impact on our womb health? What is inter-generational trauma? What do I carry from my ancestors and how do I heal? What is the ‘Sacred Feminine’? How does oppression and social conditioning affect our relationship with our body? What about past lives? What does it mean to have ‘our issues in our tissues?’  My perspectives come from awareness of the interplay of mind, body, emotions, spirit, cosmos, society and The Great Mystery. It comes from a love and respect for nature and All Our Relations.
Thanks for reading!