The Mother Archetype now reigns- helping us use our creativity to thrive.

We are in a cauldron of transformation and rebirth at the moment- one that is going to continue bubbling for a while until a new reality slowly begins to take form, most likely around the end of this year. By the end of 2020 we will be in such a different place than we were at the beginning of the year. We will still have lots of work to do, on a collective scale- a lot of trauma recovery, a lot of social change. But the things that were kept in the dark will no longer be hidden. Awareness is the gift of this tumult.

This month and over the summer, we enter a peak time of this transformation process- we have been melted and broken down, and new awareness is dawning. We must now decide what to do with this new awareness.

Not only are we reaching a pinnacle in our yearly seasonal cycle where the sun is at its strongest, but we are entering a new eclipse cycle as well! This strong fiery energy emboldens us to live our truth, to express who we are, and create changes in our lives that we would never have considered if we hadn’t been broken down. Truths will be brought to light, emotions that were buried will reveal themselves, and like waves of water, these energies of change will wash over our lives to facilitate a rebirth.

We have 3 eclipses that mark this shift, which are super-intense full and new moons. They affect us all differently, of course. For some, it will be life-altering, and others, maybe just a few minor adjustments helping to better align us with our soul path. But because the energies are so big and felt on a collective scale, taking care of our body and nervous system is extra important.

The first eclipse is a lunar eclipse Friday, June 5th in Sagittarius. It illuminates our beliefs, freedoms and the power of our words. Listening vs speaking, beliefs vs objective facts, learning vs teaching, relating vs pontificating may be issues that arise. The lunar eclipse urges us to create a better balance in our lives by bridging higher philosophies and ideals with practical application as well as pushing us to communicate more effectively- by listening, speaking or learning in new ways. It also invites a new vision or philosophy that is bigger than what we may have previously held. Our spiritual beliefs may grow too.

The second is a Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the Summer Solstice, June 21st. This alignment will urge us to drop into our feelings, our heart and womb space, to connect with our inner Child and inner Mother. The home is highlighted, as well as any family issues. The call is to plant a seed of renewal that brings us ‘home’- spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. You may decide to relocate, renovate, re-decorate, or start on a new path in regards to your home and family life. You may connect with your heritage, visit with family or re-define what it feels like to feel at home within yourself. Or you may just feel more emotional than usual. Let the feelings flow. It also highlights womxn’s issues and rights. Feminism is central to Cancer, and with the energy of the times, more movements towards change and equity may arise.

The final eclipse of the summer is the lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5th, the last one in a series between Cancer & Capricorn over the last year and a half. This one highlights the need for balance with our inner needs vs outer responsibilities, emotions vs duty, family/home vs career, inner Mother vs inner Father, masculine vs feminine, honouring the process vs focusing on a goal. This eclipse urges us to create goals and careers that honour our emotional needs and family needs, as well as gives us the final push toward a commitment to something that we may have been vacillating on over the last couple years- or a release from something that was holding us back. Fear and control are sometimes reactions to the uncertainty that comes with change. Finding what makes us feel safe and secure may be something found within rather than without. What authority do you listen to? Is the power of authority within you or outside of you?

Eclipses are exciting news because they are a gateway to a new reality. They often set us onto new paths and usher us into new chapters in our lives.

So here we are, likely unraveled and maybe a bit disheveled, but ripe for change and renewal. This is where our creativity can come in. What new form do we wish to take? How do we wish to mould the clay of our life that has been pounded, kneaded or rolled flat by this collective shift? This is where we can draw on the strengths of the Mother archetype, who is now reigning our seasonal cycle. She is the Creatrix, Nurturer, Abundant Life-Giver and Fierce Protectress who wishes nothing more than for us to thrive.

Some reflection questions for the upcoming days and weeks:

-What has ended or is failing to thrive? How do I feel about this?

-What do I need to move through, shift or grieve? What chapter of my life is now over?

– What is holding me back from thriving in this moment as it is?

-What do I feel ready to change?

-What inspires me, even if it feels out of reach? What small step can I take to feed my inspiration now?

-Where am I directing my nurturing energy now? Is it going where its needed? Is there somewhere else/someone else in my life that could use it?  

-What is blooming, thriving and growing well in my life?

-What steps or actions can I take now to create the reality I want? Think outside the box- what possibilities exist now that didn’t before?

-What does your inner Nurturer, Mother, and Life Giver say? Bring her your worries and fears. Let Her hold you, comfort you and show you how to thrive.

Here are a couple of activities you can do to help process your feelings and engage your creativity for this collective shift:

Playing with clay, plasticine or playdough.

I love clay! It not only feels good and helps ground us, but it is very forgiving. You can mould, and re-mould over and over. Eventually though, it will dry and take form permanently. This is a great metaphor for the times we are in. The clay is still wet. Experiment, play and try different scenarios to see how they feel. Get a sense of how you’d like the clay to eventually hold shape. Even when clay dries, water can often revive and soften it, but it won’t be the same as when the clay is fresh.

In what ways has the clay of your life become too rigid and hard? Where can you let in a bit more water- feeling, softness or flow?

In what areas has your life been too malleable and un-focused? Where can you bring some structure, form or inspired creativity?

Let your creativity flow and enjoy the sensual process of exercising your power of creation by playing with clay.  Have fun!

Another creative exercise:

Womb drawing.

Womb drawing is an activity I do often with clients, something I came up with as a way to see and feel the energy of the womb space (whether you have a womb or not) and honour the dimensions of our creative and sensual wisdom that are hidden from our conscious mind. We often warm up with some pelvic movement and meditation first, to re-balance and awaken the womb space energies. You can warm up with some easy movements in the ‘Water Practice’ section of the Willowroot Library, or take a moment to do this Grounding Tree Meditation. Otherwise, for a shortened warm up, read below.

  • Sit comfortably on a chair or on the floor. Feel the support of Mother Earth beneath you, supporting and holding you. Imagine the beautiful sky above you. Feel the harmonious flow of life surround you- birds, trees, a river or lake.
  • As you inhale, imagine breathing in the scent of your favourite flower or herb for 5 counts, then exhale for 6 counts. Repeat this until you feel calm and grounded.
  • Then, let the breath flow deep down into your belly, expanding your belly and back with each breath. Let it draw even deep down into your womb space.
  • Place your non-dominant hand on your lower belly, and continue to breathe down into that area. You may or may not feel actual expansion and release of the lower belly as you breathe, but just have the intention.
  • In your dominant hand take a crayon, marker, pencil crayon and paper. Place the paper on a hard surface like a table or book resting on your knee.
  • With your attention on your womb space, allow it to speak through your drawing hand. It’s not about making a work of art, so much as allowing your creativity to express itself. It may show up as decipherable images, a coherent scene, symbols, or simply random textures and lines/shapes. Just continue to draw until you feel your womb has expressed itself. You may find words come through as well.
  • Then take a look at what came through onto paper. How does it make you feel? What do you notice? Did anything surprise you? What is your womb space saying to you?

Our womb space contains our desires, dreams, and intuitive wisdom. In this time of transformation and rebirth, we can choose to honour these parts of us or live in fear and denial of them.

The moment is asking us to dream a new dream, one that takes into account our wholeness, our needs and limitations and then exert our creative power in making it so.

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