summer solstice circle

Friday, June 26th, 2020 from 7pm-10pm

Cultivating our Inner Mother/Nurturer

“Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love”- Brene Brown

Join us Friday, June 26th from 7-10pm

The Earth is blossoming with life, and the Sun bathes us in its empowering rays as we reach the peak of solar energy this year. Traditionally, the Summer Solstice (aka Litha meaning ‘light’) is when we celebrate the longest day and send out our wishes on this peak wave of energy. The Mother/Nurturer archetype reigns now, and the sun moves into the sign of Cancer, a water sign ruled by the moon. This interesting combination of energies creates a ripe time for us to feel deeply, express our creativity, connect with what nourishes us and cultivate our inner Mother or Nurturer. 

Questions you may wish to reflect on are: 

-What emotional needs are calling for my attention now? 

-What nourishes me in body and in soul? Am I letting those things in? 

-How do I create, sustain or protect life? 

-What is my relationship to the Mother archetype? Do I feel comfortable nurturing myself? Others? 

-What is manifesting now in my life? 

In this circle, we will discuss these questions and do a guided meditation to connect with the 4 elements and our inner Mother/Nurturer archetype. We will then do an embodiment exercise and creative activity. If this circle is in person, we will spend some time outside and celebrating around a sacred fire.  

If in-person, max capacity of 5 participants, and if online, max capacity of 8.

Interest and comfort level of participants will determine if we gather in person or online. I welcome your feedback. 

what to bring:

– readiness to be present and co-create safe & sacred space
– pwyc $20
– Potluck dish or beverage to share
– optionals: pen & journal/paper; item to be charged on the altar

Willowroot Healing Arts home studio (Woodbine & Danforth ave)

To register, email Serena:

Space is limited. 
Please send e-transfer to Serena to reserve your space.