Goddess Sekhmet by Hrana Janto

As we have now entered Leo season, we have shifted from the emotional, cleansing element of Water into the empowering element of Fire. Leo is ruled by the Sun. Leo is the Queen, the Creatrix, our inner Radiance, and the Self.

While all signs have a positive and negative manifestation, the positive is what we strive to develop through our life lessons. The opportunity of Leo is developing Inner Sovereignty. This is something that takes life experience, and tends to develop most strongly through our middle-age years, but we can consciously begin the process any time, especially during this next month!

When we think of Leo, we may think of self-confidence, radiance and royalty. However, these qualities can manifest in both a negative or positive way.

We may mistake self-confidence, radiance and a ‘Queenly’ attitude for sovereignty. But sovereignty isn’t something superficial, an act of bravado or posturing that stems from insecurity, wounding or a desire to be admired.

It comes only from within. It is the self-confidence and radiance that is true and deep, borne of struggle, shadow work and self-knowledge. It may include scars, wrinkles and gray hair. It is a Queenly attitude that is humble, not haughty. It is borne of self-acceptance. It is a desire to lead and serve, not to dominate.

Our inner Sovereign is loving and strong. It is the part of us that no longer wishes to live in victim mode. It is the part of us that heals the inner child, and through the process, develops resilience and personal empowerment.

This month we have an opportunity to grow our inner Queen or Sovereign within ourselves. We can heal the parts of us that have given our power away to others and the ways we belittle ourselves or make our inner light small. After some of the deep cleansing and healing of the past we faced in Cancer season, we may now feel the courage to take bolder steps now in our healing, by embodying the energy of our Inner Queen.

I often think of the Queen of Wands tarot card as a depiction of this energy. She sits with her knees apart- she is not afraid of her creative, sensual womb energy taking up space! In one hand she holds the wand of authority and creative power, in the other a beautiful sunflower. She has a balance of the masculine and feminine energies within her. She is in touch with the elements of earth and fire. Her cat companion sits nearby- she is connected to her animal instincts. Her golden flowing robes radiate like the sun. She radiates a shamelessness and courage, while remaining grounded and in touch with her environment.

Our inner Sovereign wishes to govern herself as she sees fit. She wishes to become a co-creatrix of her life and wellbeing, alongside the Divine. She takes full responsibility for her thoughts, feelings and behaviours. She makes her own healing a priority so that she can fully stand in her power and live from a place of self-love and self-esteem.

Is the Inner Sovereign well-developed in you? How does she make you feel?

Sovereignty is…

Trusting Spirit flowing through you. Trusting in your instincts and intuition.

Becoming co-creatrix of your life- with the universal flow as your companion.

Taking charge of your self: Become aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Do they bring you down or empower you? Do they limit or liberate your creative flow and joy?

Self-knowledge and Self-responsibility– You acknowledge your limitations but also recognise the creative power you do have to make changes in your life. You are responsible for your happiness. You have the right to be happy and make it happen!

Being the Queen of your domain– no longer allowing the opinions of others to dictate your actions, but listening to your inner wisdom, borne of self-knowledge and experience.

Being a wise, kind, strong and loving leader.  Being a way-shower and guide. Using your authority to SERVE rather than dominate.

Setting boundaries. Protect your inner light so that it can shine brightly for others. You decide when and how to shine your light on your own terms. Know when and how to protect it from energy vampires!

Recognising your inherent self-worth and unique beauty. You are worth protecting and fighting for. You are worth being seen!

Inner Sovereignty is all this and more. It is also something to embody, something we can FEEL within.

Where in your body do you feel you inner Queen dwells?

Embodying the Inner Sovereign meditation:

Imagine what your inner Sovereign/Queen looks like.

Where do you feel she usually dwells inside your body? Imagine your inner Sovereign sitting there, content and radiant.

With each breath, allow her to grow stronger. Let it fill this part of your body with its power.

Now imagine your Sovereign inside a place in your body that you feel is weak, tired, or in need of strength.

Perhaps your womb, your belly, your back, your heart, your throat, or your head?

Imagine your Sovereignty sitting in there.

With each breath, let it grow stronger, radiant, expansive.

Recite this affirmation: My Inner Sovereign is strong and well. I am Queen of my body, mind, heart and spirit. I now rule myself and my life as I see fit.

Notice any shifts in how you feel.

Make any adjustments as you feel is needed. May you dwell in your power and radiate your beauty this summer and beyond!

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