Imbolc Circle: awakening to new life

Friday, February 5th, 2020 7pm-9pm (Zoom)

“What you seek is seeking you”  -Rumi


This circle is about awakening to new potentials, desires and dreams forming within us. We honor this time by clearing away psychic debris and opening a pathway between our desires and their manifestation.  Following the darkness and surrender of Winter Solstice, we now are able to access a bit more clarity and can start feeling new ideas, desires and intentions stirring within. Imbolc has a very gentle, innocent energy we can tap into for healing and renewal. It is still a time of incubation healing and inner work, more so than about taking big actions out in the world just yet. That’s what spring is for. This is the point where the influence of the Crone/Wise One energy is slowly giving way to the Maiden/Trailblazer energies. We are now honoring the nascent beginnings and preparation for the new opportunities & experiences coming into our lives.

The meaning of the word Imbolc can be traced to both ‘cleansing’ and ‘in the belly’. Imbolc is an ancient Celtic festival celebrating the Goddess Brigid, Goddess of inspiration, smithcraft, poetry, healing and the home. She is revered especially in Ireland as both the Pagan Goddess & Christian Saint Brigid. In Ireland and Scotland, the pregnant ewes would lactate at this time, bringing nourishment to the people and hope for spring. Imbolc celebrations include devotions to Brigid and acknowledgment of ‘quickening’- the life force awakening and stirring within the earth. Even if the ground is still frozen, beneath the ice it is alive and preparing for the emergence of spring. It is a time of awakening fertility and abundance as the light noticeably increases. 

In this online virtual circle, we will discuss some simple, yet effecting spiritual cleansing practices to renew our body and spirit. We will then go on a guided journey to our wise Inner Child or Young Maiden, the archetype rebirthed from the Crone’s wisdom into new life. Our Inner Child/Young Maiden helps us to re-align with the innocence and authenticity required to manifest our dreams. They return us to the spark of creativity within us that is reborn at Winter Solstice and is now expanding into our awareness. 

We will then connect with the stirrings of desire within our womb space and heart- the seeds of our dreams waiting to be manifested. Through automatic writing and drawing and creating affirmations, we nurture this new life growing within us and ignite the passion and clarity needed to move forward with baby steps towards our desires.  All participants will also receive my Imbolc music playlist to help support this time of healing and renewal.  


To register:

 Email Serena: to inquire if there is space.

 Once confrimed, please e-transfer pwyc $15. (non-refundable)

Zoom link will then be sent

-Space is limited to 10 people for quality purposes.