Spring equinox Circle: moving forward

Friday, March 19th, 2021 7pm-9:15pm (Zoom)

“Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone.”- Billy Cox

 The sun is gaining strength as we celebrate this point of balance between light and dark, our inner and outer world. Like the Fall Equinox, this is a point of clarity in the year where we can make decisions based on a balance between heart and mind, inner needs and external circumstances. At Spring Equinox we clear away obstacles, nourish vitality in our minds and bodies, and begin taking action on our dreams and living the life we want. As a season of change, we may encounter the need for endings and new beginnings, changes to our habits, daily routines, jobs or relationships in order to allow for more growth and self-expression. It can be a challenging time, in that we are often asked to venture out of our comfort zone in some way. But when we gather our courage and connect with others to support each other and nourish our motivations for personal growth, it becomes much easier. 

Also named Ostara, this holiday celebrates Ostara or Eostre, the Germanic Goddess of the spring and dawn. She represents the aspect of the Goddess known as the Maiden aspect, which I also call Trailblazer energy. It is the youthful, playful, courageous, adventurous side of us all who helps us out of old stale patterns and enlivens us with the spirit of adventure and new beginnings. 

In this online circle (Zoom), we will discuss the themes of the season and the Maiden/Trailblazer archetype. We will then do a guided meditation journey to connect with our inner Maiden/Trailblazer, followed by expressing and embodying this energy to help us move forward on our journey. Through community we support each other to follow our dreams and gently move out of the patterns that hold us back. For more details on the Maiden/Trailblazer archetype, read my blog: The Beat of our Own Drum- Awakening our Inner Trailblazer.

)To register:

1) email serena: serena.l.oakley@gmail..com & ask if there is space to join.(Space is limited for quality purposes, and it can fill up fast!)

2) Once you receive a response, send pwyc $15 by e-transfer to reserve your space. (non refundable)

 3) Zoom link will be sent once payment is received.

* at the circle, please have with you: Paper/notebook, pen & either coloured pencils, markers, pastels or crayons