Beltane circle: embodied pleasure & self-care

Friday, April 30th, 2021 from 7pm-9:15pm (Zoom)

“The body is the womb of the soul- a begging bowl for spirit”- Gabrielle Roth

Join us Friday, April 30th 2020 from 7-9:15pm for a virtual circle on Zoom (see registration details below). 

Beltane is traditionally a Celtic celebration of fertility and union blessing the land and each other with the promise of new life. It is a time to celebrate and nourish our body, ground into our senses and commune with Mother Earth. The month of Taurus calls us to tend to our sensuality, sexuality, self-esteem, unions, relationships, creativity, money, sense of safety & security. There is no doubt that we are all coping with the ample stress of these times in our own way, and this season asks us to be patient and gentle with ourselves.

In this month of Taurus, we are invited to slow down and check in with how we are resourcing ourselves. Where are we investing our energy, time and money? Is it worth it? What are our senses asking for? What sustains and nurtures us? How is the body a temple for our spirit? How are we manifesting our desires and creativity in the physical world? We may start to feel the urge to bring the fiery passions we encountered through Aries season down to Earth, into something solid, nurturing and sustainable for the long haul. 

Pleasure, while often cast aside as unimportant in such a time of austerity as this, is a medicine we need most right now to regain our ground, our roots and lubricate the pathway of growth that our souls demand.

In this virtual circle, we will discuss these themes and do a guided meditation journey together and do some embodied pleasure exercises to nurture our body, mind and spirit throughout the next few weeks and beyond. An oracle card will be chosen for each individual, and my Beltane music playlist will be given out to all registrants.  

what to bring:

readiness to be present and co-create safe & sacred space

-Optional: cup of your favourite tea/drink and delicious snack

-Space is limited for quality purposes

-Event is PWYC Donation

To register, email Serena:, Zoom link will be sent in reply.