Samhain circle: Peering Through the Veil

Friday, October 29th, 2021 from 7pm-10pm (In-person gathering)

“The veil between us and the divine is more permeable than we imagine”- Sue Thoele

Join us Friday, October 29th 2021 from 7-10pm as we peer through the veil between this world and the spirit world to connect with a spirit ally and honor an ancestor/deceased loved one.

Samhain is an old Irish word for ‘summer’s end’, and is an ancient Celtic festival that honours the dead. It is traditionally a time where the veil between this world and the Otherworld is thin, making contact between ourselves and the spirit world more accessible. This is the 3rd harvest (Lammas and Autumn Equinox being the first two) where the tradition of hunting and sacrifice of animal life is acknowledged. Metaphorically, it also relates to the sacrifice, letting go and clearing that we may feel called to do now in our lives, our psyche and body. We may experience grief, sadness or relief as some things end and new spaces are cleared. We are also honoring and preserving what nourishes and sustains us for winter- physically, mentally and emotionally. We are composting the year’s energies into fertile soil for spring.

Samhain is also observed as the Pagan New Year. It is a time of transformation and gratitude. Our intuition generally becomes stronger and our inner world takes on greater importance as the hours of light decrease. 

In this circle, we will gather around the warmth of the hearth and discuss the themes of Samhain. We will take some time to reflect on and honor a deceased loved one/ancestor. Then we will do a guided meditation to connect with a spirit ally/guide and listen to the messages they give. We will also do a fire ritual to release anything weighing us down and connect with what strengthens us.

Tea and snacks included. This is an in-person event, likely indoors. Location is Danforth & Woodbine ave, Toronto, ON. Space is limited, so it’s a good idea to save your spot as early as possible!  


– Space is limited to 6 people. Location is my east toronto home.

-Be ready to be present and co-create safe & sacred space with others
-Bring a face covering, notebook/paper & pen, optional object or photo of deceased loved one.

-PWYC $25 (this is non-refundable & reserves your space).

To register, email Serena: and ask if there is space. 

once space is confirmed, please send an e-transfer to reserve your spot. Blessed Samhain!