Adenomyosis natural healing

Natural Healing for adenomyosis in toronto

What is Adenomyosis?

Adenomyosis is the lesser-known cousin to endometriosis. Often, people can have both diseases. Adenomyosis is similar to endometriosis in many ways, the main difference being that the abnormal tissue is confined within and through the muscular walls of the uterus instead of outside of it and all over the pelvic cavity like endo. Adenomyosis presents with an enlarged uterus which can sometimes be visible on ultrasound or MRI, or even felt upon a physical exam. However, it can only be precisely confirmed through examination of the uterus after hysterectomy. The only cure remains hysterectomy. However for some, hysterectomy may not be their preferred choice. Perhaps you still wish to have children, or do not feel ready to deal with the physical, mental and emotional side effects of hysterectomy.

Adenomyosis Symptoms:

  • Very heavy, prolonged periods
  • Blood clots with periods
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Severe pelvic pain and pressure
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Pressure on bladder & rectum
  • Painful bowel movements
  • Anemia due to blood loss

Natural Healing for Adenomyosis:

Adenomyosis can be treated with birth control pills, pain medication, and hysterectomy. It can also be treated with natural remedies such as diet, herbs, massage, heat therapy and more…

In regular one-on-one sessions with me, I offer an empathetic listening ear in discussing your unique situation and adenomyosis healing goals. Together, we create a program of weekly sessions to address your needs. Holistic Support for Adenomyosis Sessions may include Movement for Pelvic Health, with specific movements suited to your body to help relieve pain and improve pelvic circulation;  Meditation & visualisations you can bring into your daily life; Breathing and other relaxation practices to soothe the nervous system; Self-care tools such as self-massage, herbs and aromatherapy, Womb Blessings for healing emotional & energetic blocks and bringing balance to the womb, Womb Care Rituals, which include therapeutic creative expression, self-reflection, ritual and tarot reading.

Healing is complex, involving the nervous system, the energy body, our mind, emotions and spirit. I can help support you on the levels that medical professionals do not specialise in.

Healing after Hysterectomy:

Many people with adenomyosis find relief from having a hysterectomy. No more painful, heavy periods. You may finally feel you have your life back. It was worth it. But even after you are ‘healed’ from the surgery, and have a clear bill of health from the doctor, you have some unexpected new feelings since having this surgery that have emerged and you would like some support. It is common to experience grief, depression, mood swings, or have a change in priorities after hysterectomy. Rather than brushing it off as simply a hormonal response, it can be helpful to validate your feelings and honor what feels is lost in order to embrace this new phase of life.

In our healing sessions together we can restore energetic balance to the pelvic bowl and energetic womb centre, help you cultivate a new, positive relationship with your womb centre and to your new state of being, to feel empowered through nature’s cycles and feel this healing as a sacred journey.

Our Sessions can help with: 

Pelvic pain relief, easier periods, back pain relief, improved pelvic floor circulation, increased calm and inner stability, emotional expression and release, improved relationship with your body, trust in your instincts, hormonal balance, balanced energy levels, release of toxic patterns affecting pelvic health, greater ease, flow and mobility in daily life.

*Our sessions are not meant to replace medical attention or diagnosis. Natural adenomyosis support is a wonderful compliment to medical support.

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