Luna flow: 8-week series

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Unwind and nurture your womb space through mindful movement…  

Luna Flow is a gentle yet powerful movement practice helping to bring balance to our hormones, nourish our womb centre, improve pelvic health and feel at home in our body.  

Luna Flow awakens your sensual intelligence and nourishes your womb space. It is a combination of guided movement instruction and unstructured space to honor your authentic rhythms and natural pacing, countering the effects of our over-scheduled, stressful lives on our nervous system. Through exploring shapes such as figure 8’s, circles and waves, while staying connected to our roots and alignment, we teach our body and mind to be rooted, yet ‘go with the flow’.  As a holistic practice, Luna Flow honors our connection to the moon cycles, our hormonal cycles and our emotions. It allows our sensual intelligence to unfold at its own pace and supports our natural rhythms. Approach is trauma-informed.

Luna Flow is suitable for anyone who has a womb health or pelvic health issue, is going through a stressful transition, menopause, feeling ‘stuck’ or creatively blocked, lower back pain, digestive issues, or simply wishing to ease stress or tension. It is also a wonderful compliment to more high-impact physical activities. Can easily be modified for pregnancy and post-partum. All fitness levels welcome, no experience necessary.

Luna Flow can help:

  • Reduce stress
  • Balance nervous system
  • Core muscle integration
  • Improve breathing quality
  • Spinal flexibility and improve posture
  • Hip mobility & functioning
  • Bring balance to pelvic floor & womb
  • Improve digestion
  • Deepen capacity for joy
  • Feel at home in oneself and inner peace

8 week series 

Location: TBA 

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