embodied pleasure: bellydance for self-care

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Bellydance is an ancient art form stemming from North Africa the Middle East, that found it’s way here and picked up all kinds of fusions and interpretations along its way. At its core, it is a dance of sensuality, rhythm; A celebration of life, each other and our bodies. It is performed by all genders and all body types, and there are different styles to choose from. 

In my explorations of this rich and beautiful art form, I have benefited from it’s ability to heal physical pain, low self-esteem and body image issues, and feminine empowerment. The dance allows me to get in touch with many facets of myself- I can be fierce, joyful, slow, sensual, strong, instinctive, playful, sexual, powerful, spiritual, or calm. For me, it has been an indispensable practice for my self-care routines, and I have found ways to adapt it for pelvic pain, pregnancy, post-partum, various levels of flexibility, size, shape and fitness. In our present fast-paced, urban lifestyles, we can become un-grounded and disconnected from our physical needs, vitality and creative impulses.  This practice serves to release tension, re-centre you in your body, and re-awaken your lust for life! 

In this workshop, we will take a holistic and self-reflective approach to the dance, focusing on cultivating curiosity and trust in our instincts. Rather than being about performing or ‘getting it to look right’ we use bellydance’s soothing movements like waves, figure 8’s, circles and shimmies to cultivate our sensual intelligence and unlock the flow of our creative energy. We will also incorporate inspirational oracle cards, aromatherapy and mindful chocolate eating as part of this embodied pleasure self-care experience. It is open to all genders and fitness levels. 


workshop take-aways:

stress-relief, calmer state of mind
– grounding, flexibility & strength
– emotional flow, joy, pleasure
– awakened creativity 
– greater self-acceptance, self-trust & self-love
– deepened intuition & personal empowerment
-tools for your own self-care in daily life

Location & COST: TBA

To register, email Serena: Serena.L.Oakley@gmail.com