Fibroids natural healing

Natural support for fibroids in toronto

What are fibroids?

Fibroids are benign, abnormal growths that appear within or outside the uterus. They can be detected through pelvic exam, ultrasound and MRI. Up to 80% of women have fibroids by the time they reach age 50. If they are small and not causing any symptoms, treatment may not be necessary. However, they can grow quite large and impede mobility, fertility, and cause various symptoms.


Treatments for Fibroids

Often, doctors prescribe surgery for fibroids. It may be a myomectomy to remove the fibroids, or a hysterectomy, to remove the uterus. Depending on the size, your age and situation, surgery may not be the preferred solution at this time. There are other less invasive medical procedures, medications such as birth control pills, the Mirena IUD or pain killers. Some prefer the natural route, or a combination of medical and natural. Natural treatments include dietary changes, acupuncture, pelvic physiotherapy, yoga, meditation and more.

Natural Healing for Fibroids

You may be struggling with pain and bleeding and want to know if you can avoid surgery. Or perhaps you are undergoing surgery but would also like to address your healing in complimentary ways. I am here to help. Together we will come up with a program of weekly visits to help you find relief from pelvic pain, heavy bleeding, and gently address energetic and emotional blocks that could be exacerbating the issue. We will co-create a self-care routine for you that incorporates a healthy balance of womb awareness and self-care, and practices that increase your mental and emotional well-being and help you to heal from fibroids inside and out. We will explore relaxation through breathing & visualisation, Restorative Yoga, Movement for Pelvic Health, Womb Blessings, Womb Care Rituals, aromatherapy and aligning with nature’s cycles and connecting to the land can be helpful in bringing balance to your mind, hormones, body and spirit.

Our sessions can help with:

Calm and ease, Relief from pelvic pain and improved mobility, release of emotional and energetic blocks, improved relationship to your creative, intuitive and cyclical self, easier periods, back pain relief, improved hormonal balance, improved overall pelvic health, improved relationship with your body, trust in your instincts, balanced energy levels, self-care tools to integrate in daily life.

*Our sessions are not meant to replace medical attention or diagnosis. Holistic fibroid support is a wonderful compliment to medical support.

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