goddess circles

Come and celebrate the turning of the seasons with ritual, feasting and community! Get in touch with the cycles of the seasons, the moon and the many facets of the Goddess.  

Goddess Circles are truly a deeply nourishing self-care experience. Held since 2014 in Toronto, Goddess circles are inspired by my years of Earth-based practice and training from various spiritual teachers, artists, healers, as well as my own spirit guides. They are also inspired in part by the four phases of the Goddess as outlined by Miranda Gray, creatrix of Womb Blessings. 

The intent of these circles is to grow through self-awareness and harmonise with the cycles of the Earth and Moon. Through celebrating the turning of the seasons like many of our ancestors did, we begin to live in a more grounded, authentic and balanced way. We begin to cultivate our sense of belonging and connection to our natural rhythms.

When we honor nature’s cycles, we ca better understand our own cyclical energies- the dance between light and dark, giving and receiving, yang and yin.

In our Goddess Circles we explore: The Maiden/Trailblazer, Mother/Life Giver, Enchantress/Creative Destroyer and Crone/The Wise One that reside within us.

Through guided meditation journeys, grounding exercises, ritual, play, feasting and celebration, we co-create a space where our creative, intuitive self can come alive.  

We embrace a diversity of experience and identity, all are welcome who resonate with the teachings and descriptions. The intention of the space is to be with our authentic emotions, bond with others, and create transformation and healing in our lives. 

Beltane Circle- Nurturing self-love

Join us Friday, May 3rd 2019 from 7-10pm! The earth's fertility is increasing, life is burgeoning, and we too, may be feeling our physical senses heightened.  Our vitality and creative energy may be seeking an outlet, or perhaps we feel an urge to connect more with others, seek out new relationships or invest more in our current ones. We are in the season of nurturing new life in ourselves and...

spring equinox circle

Friday, April 5th 2019 from 7pm-10pm. This circle is an opportunity to understand and embody the transition from winter to spring through an earth-based, sacred feminine lens. As the seasons flow from one to the next, the Goddess shifts into new facets of her being. After the Crone/Wise One's slow paced, inward, serious and often challenging journey through winter, they are reborn as the...