Healing the womb space

Next date TBA

Our womb space is an energetic as well as physical centre of our body, containing our pelvic & reproductive organs.  It holds imprints of our emotional and relational history- what I affectionately call ‘womb prints’. These imprints can originate from our childhood, past traumas, ancestral trauma, toxic relationships, social oppression and the stress of daily life. Many of us who struggle with a pelvic health issue, or pelvic pain or discomfort often also tend to have energetic imprints blocking the healthy flow of pelvic energy.  Having these symptoms can create further emotional anguish or trauma, so a cycle of pain and struggle continues until we initiate ways of gently undoing these patterns. 

In this workshop, we will explore ways of gently tuning into our pelvic floor and womb space and using mindful movement and breath to help us heal energy imbalances and facilitate pelvic health.  We also explore other self-care rituals such as writing, drawing and sounding, and ways of honoring our womb space energies in connection to the earth, seasonal and lunar cycles. 

Participants do not need to have a physical womb nor womb health issue in order to participate, simply an interest and ability to be present for honoring their pelvic health and those around them. Folks who identify as two-spirit, trans, non-binary, queer, are all welcome to participate. Approach is trauma-informed and accessible. 

workshop take-aways:

  • Tools for pelvic self-care in daily life
  • Greater womb-awareness and womb-health
  • Empowerment & body-sovereignty
  • Calmer state of mind 
  • Grounding, flexibility
  • Emotional flow, increased capacity for joy & pleasure
  • Awakened creativity 
  • Greater self-acceptance, self-trust & self-love
  • Deepened trust in inner knowing and intuition

Location & COST:

Next date & Location TBA (East Toronto)

cost: $30. 

To register, email Serena: Serena.L.Oakley@gmail.com

Serena holds a lovely space that supports my creativity, femininity, and my efforts to slow down and listen to my body, accessing its wisdom to guide my efforts to live in a more balanced way.”- Mary P.

I felt like a hamster stuck in a wheel before meeting with Serena; she not only helped me ground immediately but gave me the tools and practices to carry with me. I feel understood, capable, and most importantly safe working with her. It’s a pocket of divine time in an all too hectic world..”- Amanda A.