natural Fertility support

Natural Fertility Support in toronto

Preparing for new life:

These sessions help to prepare your body, mind, heart and soul to make space for new life. Whether you are actively trying to get pregnant, or are planning to start trying in the future, removing energetic obstacles and empowering your body and womb is important prior to conception. If you have endometriosis, PCOS, or other known cause of infertility, we can address those symptoms as well. Struggling with fertility can be stressful on your sense of self and your relationship. Others may give advice or criticism that does not help. Every time someone announces their pregnancy or invites you to their baby shower, you may feel your own pain more acutely. You may feel inadequate, flawed or ‘broken’. Having a baby is portrayed as something ‘natural’ and ‘easy’ but for you it hasn’t been and it can be a very lonely journey indeed. If you are undergoing IVF, tests, or other medical fertility support, you may be feeling stressed, exhausted and in need of extra support.

Fertility is a Sacred Journey

The fertility journey looks different for everyone, but rarely does our culture recognise its importance in the making us who we are. Because much of the action and effort happens behind the scenes, it may feel that you are running a marathon all by yourself without acknowledgement. Who you are now is not who you were before. Taking time for yourself to honor this journey helps to mark this rite of passage as an important chapter in your life. If you wish, we can focus on creating a sacred altar and ritual practice to honor your journey.

Natural Support for Fertility sessions will focus on relieving stress, anxiety and empowering your innate creative faculties. They will help you to feel a sense trust in your body and natural rhythms again. We will focus on helping you to embrace the mystery of life, by becoming rooted, yet able to ‘go with the flow’.  We will co-create an embodied self-care practice that honors your needs and empowers your ability to create and nurture new life.

Healing from Miscarriage

One of the most difficult parts of one’s journey with infertility is miscarriage. While miscarriage is common, it does not make it any less devastating to the expectant parent. Deep grief can leave its imprint emotionally and energetically. After multiple miscarriages it can be harder and harder to feel the possibility of new life.  Please determine your psychological needs for support at this time and see the appropriate professional. Our sessions together may be enough to help you on their own or they can be a wonderful compliment to working with a psychotherapist. Our work together will focus on clearing and healing the body energetically, cultivating resilience, and creating a self-care program through the healing tools below.  

Tools I may use in our sessions include: Meditation & visualisation, Movement for Pelvic Health, Womb Blessing/HealingWomb Care Rituals– Sacred ritual creation, altar creation, automatic writing, affirmations, sounding & drawing, aromatherapy, flower remedies, and tarot/oracle reading.

Our sessions can help with: 

Greater vitality, hormonal balance, inner peace & calm, increased pelvic health and nourishment of the reproductive organs, inner peace and trust in your natural cycles, awakening of your innate creative power, deepened connection to your ancestral and womb wisdom, release of old patterns that no longer serve you, increased capacity to nourish new life.

*Our sessions are not meant to replace medical attention or diagnosis. Holistic fertility support is a wonderful compliment to medical support or psychological support

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