Holistic prenatal care



Holistic Prenatal Care & spiritual pregnancy in toronto

Nurturing Self-Care:

Your body, mind and spirit are working hard to nurture this beautiful new life inside of you. Gifting yourself some one-on-one time just for you and baby will greatly benefit both of you! During this time, you are not only preparing for the birth of your baby, but the birth of yourself as a parent. Whether this is your first, second or third (and beyond) pregnancy, it is a big change on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. Space is held for you in your process of rebirth with personalised attention and support.

Pregnancy as a Sacred Journey

The journey to parenthood is a deeply powerful and personal transformation that is rarely treated as such by our dominant culture.  We know all the facts about giving birth, post-partum and baby-care and prepare as best as we can with the information we have. But rarely does any of the literature validate or support our inner journey- the loss and grief of our old self, how our partnership used to be, hopes and fears, our perceptions of parenthood and relationships with our own parents, our identity and career changes, and all that is brought up through the childbearing year and beyond. All of this is part of a bigger unfolding process, a rebirth of self that in many cultures is or was celebrated as a sacred rite of passage. Giving birth was historically given the same status as a warrior having fought in battle. The journey you are undertaking deserves to be honored, supported and cherished just as much as this new life you are bringing into the world. Our sessions are an elixir for the soul and an invitation to cocoon your spirit as it prepares for new life. Connecting to the archetype of Mother Earth, the Great Mother or another Spiritual Source may be a part of our sessions to help you feel held in the embrace of something larger.

Spiritual Pregnancy Support

Unlike a typical prenatal yoga class, this is completely personalised for you, and honors the spiritual aspect of your journey. You will get the benefits of prenatal yoga and movement that suits your body and needs. Space is held for your fears and feelings around birth, and together we can create a pregnancy self-care program that touches on all levels of your experience, including the spiritual journey you are on. We may co-create a ritual that honors this rite of passage as you become a parent.

Healing tools I may use in our sessions include: Prenatal Yoga & Movement for Pelvic Health, Womb Blessing/Healing (Up to your 6 month), reflection, ritual creation, automatic writing & drawing, labyrinth work, sounding, aromatherapy, tarot/oracle reading & meditation.

Our sessions can help with: 

Re-balanced energy levels, relief from back pain, pelvic pressure, restless legs and other discomforts, better quality sleep, inner calm and trust in your body’s ability to give birth, support in healing from a past negative birthing experience, deepened bond with your baby, spiritual renewal and inspiration,  confidence in the birthing of yourself as a parent.

*Be sure to have permission from your midwife or doctor before beginning a yoga/movement program. Our sessions are not meant to replace medical attention or diagnosis. Holistic pregnancy support is a wonderful compliment to medical support.

“While in my third trimester, I asked Serena for a private healing session to help guide me through the upcoming birth and transition into motherhood. What she provided was a unique, relaxing and deep journey, that only Serena could offer. Our session flowed smoothly and effortlessly through guided meditation, yoga, a baby blessing and affirmations that Serena gave me to empower the spirit and steady the nerves. It was exactly what I needed as I prepared for my birth: physical, emotional and spiritual support from a wise healer/ mother channeling the guidance and love from the great Mother and all those who have gone through the journey of birth.” – Sarah C. midwife & mother

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