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 to Cope with Life Change or Loss in toronto

“Be confused, it’s where you begin to learn new things. Be broken. It’s where you begin to heal. Be frustrated, it’s where you start to make more authentic decisions. Be sad, because if we are brave enough, we can hear out heart’s wisdom through it. Be whatever you are right now. No more hiding. You are worthy, always.”- S.C Lourie

Coping with stress through life changes

Are you going through a transition in your life? It could be a move, job change, marriage, divorce or breakup, physical change or identity shift, or perhaps you have suffered a loss and need some support. You may feel grief, anxiety, overwhelm, anger or stress and would like some coping strategies and self-care time. During transitional times in our life, we need to find that place of being rooted within ourselves, but also able to flow with the changes. In high stress states, we can easily feel removed from our physical body, and lose touch with what grounds and nourishes us inside and out. We may need to process some emotions in order to move forward. 

Letting go

During transitions, we are being called to let go of the familiar and embrace the unknown. This can bring us anxiety or the sensation of the ground falling away from under us, even if it is a positive change that we are also excited about, such as marriage, a new job or move to somewhere new. Stress levels rise and can affect our health and relationships. We may feel bouts of grief and overwhelm and struggle with letting go of the familiar. Oftentimes it is necessary to reach out and get some support to help us through. Some time-out to process our feelings, and coping tools to re-connect with our body and that undying stability that lives deep inside us no matter how chaotic the situation in our life.

Embodying Resilience 

Life changes can create physical symptoms, especially in our digestive system. We may also have increased muscular tension, flare-ups of a chronic condition, feeling ‘spaced out’ or dis-embodied, and trouble sleeping. In our sessions together I can help you to feel safe and more rooted in your body, connect with your inner strength & resilience, and move forward with less fear and more trust. We will explore tools you can realistically bring into your daily life that will help you manage stress more ease-fully.

Some examples of what we can do in a session: Creating a letting go ritual or a ritual to celebrate your new stage of life; Restorative yoga and/or mindful movement for digestion, calm and sleep support: Grounding tools for coping with stressful situations such as interview prep, court dates or big events; Observation of lunar cycles and rituals to help you embrace the natural flow of life; Tarot & oracle reading to bring you clarity on your next step; Automatic writing or drawing to help you express and process your hopes and fears.

Embodiment tools we may explore are: Mindful Movement, breathing & visualisation, Womb Blessing/HealingWomb Care Rituals, aromatherapy & flower remedies.

Coping with Loss: Healing from miscarriage or abortion

While miscarriage is fairly common, it does not make it any less devastating to the expectant parent. Deep grief can leave its imprint emotionally and energetically. After multiple miscarriages it can be harder and harder to feel the possibility of new life.  Please determine your psychological & medical needs for support at this time and see the appropriate professional. Our sessions together may be enough to help you on their own or they can be a wonderful compliment to working with a psychotherapist. Our work together will focus on clearing and healing the body energetically, cultivating resilience, and creating a self-care program to support you.

Abortion can be frought with mixed feelings, including relief, grief, fear, guilt, and more. Even with the empowerment of choice and support, it can sometimes bring up unexpected feelings that are tied to social pressures, our culture’s attitude towards terminating a pregnancy, past traumas or experiences, your relationship with yourself, your body or your womb. Together we can create a self-care plan that includes relaxation, embodiment, ritual and ways of exploring your feelings around your experience, helping you to emerge from this experience empowered and renewed.  

Tools I may use in our sessions include: Meditation & visualisation, Restorative Yoga & Movement for Pelvic Health, Womb Blessing/HealingWomb Care Rituals– Earth-based wisdom, sacred altar creation, automatic writing, affirmations, sounding & drawing, aromatherapy, flower remedies, and tarot/oracle reading.

*Our sessions are not meant to replace medical attention or diagnosis. Holistic healing support is a wonderful compliment to medical & psychological support.

After each session I felt more open, more grounded, more relaxed. Over the course of all the sessions, I had a lot of turmoil in my life – and I know that part of my ability to be able to navigate it was because I had carved out time to focus on building skills to reflect, become more and differently aware.”- Julia

I felt like a hamster stuck in a wheel before meeting with Serena; She not only helped me ground immediately but gave me the tools and practices to carry with me. I feel understood, capable, and most importantly safe working with her. It’s a pocket of divine time in an all too hectic world..”- Amanda 

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