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Here you can access the guided audio meditations and movement videos from my e-book Wombcraft: Earth-Based Practices for the Womb Space. If you would like to receive a free copy of this ebook, which includes a wealth of information and many other practices, sign up for my newsletter!

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Grounding Tree Meditation 

Try this meditation when you are stressed and feeling disconnected from your body  and nature and wish to ground yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Temple of Pleasure Meditation

This meditation is wonderful when you are feeling stressed, numb, disconnected from pleasure and sensuality. Here you can receive what you need and connect with the Goddess Aphrodite.   

Womb of Light Meditation for Womb Trauma

Try this meditation if you have experienced any type of womb trauma, such as sexual assault, chronic pain, surgery, abortion or wish to bring healing to your womb space.

Healing from Miscarriage & Loss Meditation

This meditation is supportive and comforting for those who have experienced a fairly recent miscarriage, abortion or child loss of any kind.

Womb Healing Element & Spirit Helper Meditation

Relax and connect with the 4 elements- Earth, Air, Water & Fire to discover which one you need most right now and any other Spirit Helpers who can be of assistance.  


    Movements for Going with the Flow

    Below are links to some simple movements that can help bring flow and pleasure into your pelvic centre, and prevent blood stagnation from extended sitting, chronic pelvic pain or difficult periods. You may integrate them into your existing practice, or follow these in sequence, making any modifications or adjustments you may need. All bodies are unique; therefore, how some of these movements are presented may not be ideal for you. I offer personalised one-on-one sessions where we can design a perfect movement sequence for you. 

    Pelvic Rocking

    Rock & Roll

    Windshield Wipers

    Cat’s Breath/Disco Cat Flow

    Waves (Inspired by Roula Said’s Seven Waves Method)


    Movement for Embodied Boundaries

    Strengthening the core muscles in our body can help strengthen our energy body’s ability to protect itself. The movements below help to support empaths in embodying stronger boundaries, increase our energy, vitality and promote healthy digestion.

    Leg Spirals and Figure 8’s (Abs)

    Alternating Leg Extensions (Lower abs)

    Forearm Plank Flow

    Undulating Cat

    Rocking Knees on a Ball


    Movement for Healing the Heart

    A stressful lifestyle can close the Heart Chakra and tighten the chest, shoulders and upper back muscles. Our arms are extensions of the heart. Our lungs require mobility and openness in the ribcage, chest and upper back to enable adequate breathing. The following movements are great ways to bring balance to the Heart Chakra, and relieve stress in the upper body. 

    Seated Cat’s Breath and Heart Opener

    Side-Wave and Arm Play

    Heart-Opening Stretch

    Spring Equinox Veil Play

    Snakey Arm Flow

    Always honour your limitations and contact me if you would like personalised movement and healing support!