Living by the moon: cycles & emotional well-being

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Time was recorded by our ancient ancestors in a lunar fashion. If we follow the moon, there are actually 13 months of the year. The number 13 is still often considered ‘bad luck’, which is a symptom of old patriarchal beliefs equating the moon as feminine and the feminine as negative, dangerous or cursed.

The moon, however, isn’t phased by this (pun intended!)- she just does her thing, knowing the fullness of her power. The lunar cycle affects ocean tides, our blood and bodily fluids, the public at large, and of course, our emotions.

The moon teaches us how to harness the complex and beautiful flow of cyclical life, death and rebirth energy available to us each month, and through the cycles within our lives.

In this workshop we will be exploring the 8 phases of the lunar cycle and how to harness these creative energies to be more productive, creative, balanced and whole. We will also explore the 12 astrological moon signs and you will get to more deeply understand your own personal moon sign and moon phase and what this says about you.

What you will gain from this workshop: 

-Understanding of the 8 phases of the monthly lunar cycle

-Knowledge of the optimal times to do certain activities

-Effective planning creative projects, work projects & your social life

-Increased emotional self-awareness through your natal moon phase and moon sign

-Deepened understanding how to nourish yourself emotionally, your sense of ‘home’ and intimacy needs. 

-Alignment with your personal gifts and power

-Insights for navigating the life, death and rebirth cycles in your life

-Take-home gift

-Tea and light snack provided

Early bird: $40 
Regular registration:

Willowroot Healing Arts home space (Woodbine & Danforth ave)

To register, email Serena:

Space is limited to 7 people. 
Please send e-transfer to Serena to reserve your space.