rooted resilience

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.”


what is trauma?

Trauma comes in many forms, and each individual responds to an event in their own unique way. An experience that was merely uncomfortable or somewhat stressful for one person can be traumatic for another. A traumatic event or experience is often defined as something that overwhelms our ability to process and cope with the emotions and sensations it produces.


    how does it affect us?

    Our nervous system functions in such a way to protect us from the full impact of a trauma, such as going into ‘fight’, ‘flight’ or ‘freeze’ mode. Freezing, or dissociating, is a normal survival mechanism. However, sometimes the trauma doesn’t fully resolve itself in our nervous system- it may continue to affect our ability to self-regulate or be present in daily life. Trauma that isn’t being addressed can impede our ability to have a healthy relationship with ourselves and others, or prevent us from getting where we wish to go in our lives.

    how do i heal?

    Healing from trauma can take time and support may need to come from several sources. I offer trauma informed yoga in Toronto- at your home or my home studio. Together we explore accessible movement practices for regulating the nervous system and helping you feel a sense of safety.  No two healing journeys look the same. In our initial consultation, we will discuss your history, your needs and the best way to address them at this time.

    Personalized one-on-one sessions:

    Location: Willowroot home studio (East Toronto) or your place

    The aim of personal sessions with me would be to help you reach a realistic goal. Through active listening, empathy and meeting you where you are at, I facilitate a space where healing is possible. The tools we may explore are: Trauma-informed yoga, movement, visualisation, restorative yoga, chair yoga, or aromatherapy. These practices can help you recover a sense of safety, calm, mobility, body-sovereignty and greater balance in your life. Sessions with me can be quite helpful on their own but can also be a great compliment to working with a licensed therapist or counselor. While I do have basic counselling and mental health training, I am not a full fledged psychotherapist or social worker therefore discussion of traumas or life situations at length is not what this space is for. However, I can hold space and be present for you in the moment, give you some embodiment practices that will help you to build resilience and adaptability.