Serena's story

Hi, I’m Serena. I have spent much of my life working on my own healing. I have Endometriosis and its cousin, Adenomyosis, which are chronic pelvic diseases. Endo can be managed in various ways but is incurable. It creates symptoms such as painful sex, extremely painful and heavy periods, daily debilitating pain, infertility, exhaustion and more. Myself and many with this disease have dealt with mental health challenges, such as depression and anxiety due to being in chronic pain.

Living with this disease and possessing an insatiable curiosity about mind-body psychology means I am always learning a lot about the complex interplay of mind, body, emotions in daily life. I have benefited from the help of both holistic and conventional medicine, which have given me quality of life (read more about my healing journey in my blog).

I encourage clients to listen to their inner knowing and experience of what’s best for themselves. I believe empowerment comes from having choice and ownership of our own bodies, and from having our voice be heard and validated. I strive to meet people where they are at and offer an empathetic listening ear and realistic, personalized support. 

As a mom and partner, my loved ones are important to me and I dedicate my work to my daughter and the generations to come. Equally important are my ancestors. My heritage is a mix of French, Metis, Ojibway, Scottish, English & Welsh.  I have a growing relationship with the land I live on and its people. I follow the Earth-based practices of both my Indigenous and European ancestors. I like to adapt the old ways to the needs of our modern people and keep things accessible for all.

I respect and welcome all personal belief systems and delight in meeting new people and working with the diverse population of Toronto. As someone who helps facilitate healing for others, I am committed to my own healing. I do my best to practice critical self-reflection on my personal biases, privilege, de-colonization and do my best to be as compassionate, self-aware yet authentic human being as I can. I am a work in progress and live to learn!

I am grateful to be living & working in this city of Tkaronto- (in Mohawk meaning ‘Trees standing in water’) on this land of the Mississaugas of the Credit, Mississaugas of Scugog, Hiawatha and Alderville First Nations; Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and Wendat nations. In this ‘Dish With One Spoon’ treaty territory, I respect this agreement that acknowledges that we must share our resources equitably. We are all connected. 


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