Sexual Healing & Empowerment

Heal Sexual Energy and Overcome Mental Blocks

Body Sovereignty:

Our ability to experience pleasure is deeply connected to our life experiences, self-image, basic needs, trauma history, illness, chronic pain and more. It is complex and connected to many aspects of ourselves. Often it is through our sexuality that we access our deepest wounds as well as our most ecstatic heights. Through our sessions we can address issues such as difficulty in experiencing pleasure, healing from sexual trauma, boundaries, embodying our sensuality and deepening our sense of body sovereignty and empowerment. We can also address how your sexuality is affected by chronic pain, having a baby, infertility and more.

Sacred Sexuality:

Perhaps you wish to create a self-care practice that honours your sacred sexuality. Together we can create a program of movement, dance, visualisation, meditation, aromatherapy, altar and ritual creation that helps you connect to the sacred dimension in your body, sex life and in general. We can focus on embodying the Lover archetype or feel more like a sensual Goddess, helping you to awaken your desires, creativity and sexual power.

Embodying Boundaries:

Perhaps you have been on the receiving end of unwanted sexual attention or behaviours or have a hard time honouring your needs in relationships. You are eager to please, or become so passionately involved with someone that you lose yourself in the process. Embodying healthy boundaries is essential in relationships so that they can survive life’s stresses, and prevent resentment from growing. They enable a healthy flow of love and respect. Together, we can help you to strengthen your boundaries and support your ability to honour yourself and experience pleasure. We will do so through embodiment practices, such as mindful movement, self-reflection, sounding, writing and earth-based practices.

Healing From Sexual Assault or Trauma:

I believe you. It isn’t your fault. You are not alone. I am here to help.

Sexual Violence is never your fault, and you deserve to be heard and taken seriously. You may feel shame, hurt, betrayal, shock, powerlessness, anxiety or fear. You may have PTSD and be dealing with triggers, feeling disconnected from your body and a general lack of trust in yourself and the world.

Depending on your situation or where you are at in your healing journey, you may wish to compliment our sessions with a licensed psychotherapist or social worker. I am trained in movement for trauma, basic counselling and have spent time volunteering with a sexual assault organisation supporting survivors, but my focus is on helping clients create self-care rituals that help to nourish you in daily life rather than going in-depth into past experiences. 

If you feel ready to do some embodied healing, we will explore tools you can use in your daily life for rebuilding a sense of safety and trust in yourself, the world and your body again. We can do some simple grounding practices, as well as soothing movement that restores your sense of body sovereignty and inner well-being.

We can also explore earth-based practices to help you feel restored and empowered again in mind, body, heart and spirit.

Healing tools for sexual healing include: Movement for Pelvic Health, Womb Blessing/Healing, aromatherapy, Womb Care Rituals- such as automatic writing, drawing, sounding, sacred altar & healing ritual creation or other earth-based healing practices to connect to our ability to regenerate and heal from trauma.

Our sessions can help with: 

Renewed body intimacy & body sovereignty, inner strength & resilience, self-love & acceptance, healthy boundaries, connection with your passion, embodied sensuality, increased self-esteem & empowerment, creative flow, improved sex life, self-confidence, improved pelvic health, release and shifting of unhealthy relating patterns. 

*Our sessions are not meant to replace medical or psychological attention or diagnosis.

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