Womb Blessings

Womb Blessings help you embody your creative, cyclical, sensual energy


In May 2014, I became certified as a ‘Moon Mother’ by Miranda Gray so I could bring her Womb Blessings & Womb Healing method here to womxn in Toronto, Ontario. The Womb Blessing Ceremony is a healing ritual that helps people feel empowered in their cycles, release stored trauma in the womb, and help us embrace our creative, sensual and cyclical energies that live within and through us. 


The Womb Blessing is both a healing ritual and a communion with the lunar and earth cycle energies. It is a womb meditation followed by a gentle, reiki-style energy transfer that is healing, nurturing and empowering. It helps you:


  • Embody your cyclical energy & its various expressions
  • Accept and enhance your fertility, creativity, sexuality and spirituality
  • Help you journey through changes in life
  • Celebrate first bleeding or last bleeding, new life or death, new beginnings or endings, facilitate any life changes such as marriage, divorce, grief, loss, trauma, coming-out, post-partum, pregnancy, etc.
  • Celebrate the moon phases, seasons and your menstrual cycle (if applicable)
  • Help heal deep patterns of your ancestry and past
  • Embody your connection with nature- unite with the power of the moon and the earth. 

Feel part of a worldwide spiritual family- A few times a year, Miranda and Moon Mothers provide World Wide Womb Blessings- Free distance healing for all women. Please visit www.wombblessing.com for more information).

Womb Blessings & Meditation in Toronto

womb blessings can be part of a womb wellness package or booked on their own. A phone consult is required before booking. 

The Womb Blessing is a non-invasive, gentle energy transfer done fully clothed, seated and lying down. In this 90 minute session, we discuss your situation and then do a womb healing oracle reading prior to the healing. Following this, we do a womb meditation together that will help you to receive and also take an active role in your own healing. Then we do the energy healing, which has some similarities with Reiki, but is a specific sequence I was trained in created for womb healing. We may discuss practical ways you can bring more harmony to your womb-health in your daily life. It is important to rest and relax after the healing. 








“The Womb Blessing helped me remove a big need for approval from men.. something I internally had in me and wasn’t consciously aware.. I used to give my power away to men easily… And now I trust my inner wisdom. My periods are back to normal, I used to have tough first 2 days. And I feel like a goddess, a pink one 🙂 sensuality is back full swing…”

– M

frequently asked questions:


I don't have a menstrual cycle/ have had a hysterectomy/am on the pill/ am going through menopause/, can I benefit?

Yes! The Womb Blessing and Healing is appropriate even if you don’t/no longer have a cycle or a womb, and is appropriate if you are on the birth control pill as well. The Womb Blessing can help heal old traumas from your past that still hold an energetic charge and can affect your overall health and relationship to yourself. After menopause, we have even deeper wisdom at our disposal which this energy healing can awaken. A Womb Blessing can help you access the power of your cyclical wisdom and life experience, enhance your creativity, sensuality and all the benefits that menstruating people receive from the healing.

Is this healing accessible to Trans and/or non-binary folx?

Yes! I strive to make my services inclusive to all in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community! The Womb Blessing is not only for those with a physical womb, or who identify as women or female. It is a healing that brings balance to our pelvic energy centre, as well as other energy centres in the body. It can help you reconnect to your sensuality and creativity, your emotions, receptivity and the life-death-rebirth cycles of nature. Questions? email me: Serena.L.Oakley@gmail.com 

Will a Womb Blessing help my fertility or help cure my (insert health issue here)?

A Womb Blessing is not a cure, nor a miracle. It is healing support, that works best alongside other efforts targeting your concern. As with all forms of energy healing, the energy will go to where it is needed and ready to be received in your body and energy field. You may experience better periods, stronger fertility, more energy, a clearing up of a health issue, or other positive shifts. You will receive what your mind, body, heart and spirit feel ready for at the time. 

How will I feel after a Womb Blessing?

The effects can be many. Some people will integrate the energies smoothly and feel wonderfully energised or pleasantly relaxed or sleepy. Some people may experience a ‘clearing’ in their body and energy for the days or weeks after the Womb Blessing. Their cycle may shift, emotions and energy levels may shift.  This is temporary and part of the healing process as the new energies clear out old patterns that are no longer serving you. Be patient and gentle with yourself for the few days/weeks after the Womb Blessing.

New client? Book your 30-minute complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and ensure the Womb Blessing is right for you!