Womb care Rituals

Womb care Ritual sessions are approx. 90 minutes long. Sometimes we can do 2 of the below options in one session. New Client? A phone consultation is required before booking

Tarot/Oracle Reading:

Tarot and oracle cards are helpful in showing us what’s going on in the subconscious, and shines a light on areas we may not be seeing in our situation. A reading gives us that ‘aha’ moment of realisation and a sense of purpose behind the apparent chaos. It helps you understand where you’re at and where to go from here. It can also help give a perspective that may not have been previously available to you on your situation, or affirm what you felt intuitively feel about it. Readings help to speed up a healing process, if we are open to hearing its message.  

Healing Ritual Creation:

Together we anchor your healing or womb wellness intentions into a ritual that we can either do together or plan for you to do on your own. If you wish to do the ritual with me, then 2 sessions would need to be booked. I honor all belief systems and traditions, and can be a witness and hold space for you and support you in any way you’d like. If you wish to do an earth-based ritual or incorporate elements of earth-based magic, such as the 4 elements, directions, herbs, oils, crystals, seasonal cycles, moon phases, I can support you with that. Together, we can co-create a ritual that will help to ground and empower you to move into the place you want to be in your life. 

Womb writing:

Many of us listen to our mind chatter, and sometimes the heart, but forget to tune into the voice of our womb and womb space, which has a lot to say!  Our deepest needs, wounds and desires lie in the womb space, and it’s usually quite amazing and revealing to hear what it has to say to us. I will lead you through some grounding, meditation and automatic writing from the womb, and together we can discuss the messages you receive.

Expressive Womb Art:

Similar to the womb writing option, but using pastels, paints, markers, or crayons and allowing the messages from our womb space express itself through drawing or painting. It is not about ‘making a work of art’ as it is simply about giving expression to the womb space and allowing whatever energy needs to come out to come out! This process can reveal some deep truths and illustrate our deepest needs and longings in a way we may not access through other means. 

Womb Sounding:

This is something that I often integrate into movement sessions but can be integrated and explored in any of the above modalities as well. It is as simple as it sounds- allowing our voice to express through sound what we feel. Our womb centre is intrinsically connected to our throat centre, and the health of one can affect the other. It can be a very empowering experience to open our throat and use our voice, in ways many of us feel we cannot in our daily lives. When in the throes of pain in childbirth or severe menstrual cramps, releasing tension through sound can immediately relieve pain.

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