Wombcraft: Earth-Based Practices for Healing the Womb Space

an ebook by Serena Oakley, founder of Willowroot Healing Arts

Do you feel there an untapped source of creative, intuitive wisdom within you that is ready to be re-awakened? Do you struggle with your pelvic health, or have difficult periods? Have you suffered sexual or emotional trauma you wish to heal?

The womb space holds our creative, cyclical, intuitive wisdom. This energetic centre varies from person to person, but it is a connection to the Cosmic Womb that we can all tap into. The guidance in this book supports those who wish to nurture and heal this connection, regardless of whether or not you have a physical womb and reclaim your creative, cyclical, intuitive power.

Wombcraft is an introduction to reclaiming our sensual intelligence through cultivating a deeper relationship with our body and the sacred land we walk on.  Its perspective of interconnectedness and alignment with nature can help us heal from the damage of patriarchy and colonisation within ourselves and the world. Wombcraft encourages self-nurturing in a world where nurturance is lacking. It is a practical, insightful guide to self-care and ritual, helping us to reclaim the power that lies at the bottom of our pain, and heal the generations before and after us in the process.

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    • Embodied self-care: Hatha Yoga, mindful movement + Chakra healing for pelvic health
    • Cyclical living: Align with the seasonal + lunar cycles + goddess archetypes for deepened self-understanding & healing
    • Earth as Medicine: Connect with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit for healing
    • Accessible Practices: 5 audio meditations, 16 movement videos & 17 element-based practices and rituals
    • Reflection questions and journaling prompts
    • Support for creating your own Wombcraft practice

    This is the book we need right now. Oakley is not only a wealth of vital information and experience, but she shares it with straight-forwardness, warmth and humility. She deftly helps us think about how healing is not only about individual physical bodies, but the interconnectedness of our lives with cultural, spiritual, social, historical, environmental and political contexts. I would recommend this to anyone with or without a womb who identifies with the feminine who is looking for practical and thoughtful options to move care forward.

    As a client of Serena’s I can say unreservedly she is an exceptional practitioner who works with integrity and a sophisticated ability to read and support the people around her with authenticity. This book is a much-needed extension of that practice. I refer to it regularly to support my own care practices at home.

    Julia Gray, PhD.

    Award-winning researcher, scholar, writer & artist. Editor of ReView: an anthology of plays committed to social justice.