Home & Hearth Magick: Rooting into sacred space

Our home is our anchor, container and shelter that nourishes us so we can do our work in the outside world. Our home is where we should be able to relax, ground, feel safe & replenished. Some say the home is an extension or reflection of our inner self. It must feel like our own personal sanctuary that allows us to drop our masks and be our authentic selves so that we can successfully navigate the demands of our roles in the world. 

Living By The Moon: phases, signs & emotional gifts

Time was recorded by our ancient ancestors in a lunar fashion. If we follow the moon, there are actually 13 months of the year. The number 13 is still often considered ‘bad luck’, which is a symptom of old patriarchal beliefs equating the moon as feminine and the feminine as negative, dangerous or cursed.  The moon, however, isn’t phased by this (pun intended!)- she just does her thing, knowing the fullness of her power. The lunar cycle affects ocean tides, our blood and bodily fluids, the public at large, and of course, our emotions.

Embodied pleasure: bellydance for self-care

Bellydance is an ancient art form stemming from North Africa the Middle East, that found it’s way here and picked up all kinds of fusions and interpretations along its way. At its core, it is a dance of sensuality, rhythm; A celebration of life, each other and our bodies. It is performed by all genders and all body types, and there are different styles to choose from. This rich and beautiful art form has benefited many with its ability to heal physical pain, low self-esteem and body image issues, and root us in our feminine power.