Yoga & Movement for Pelvic Health

Movement helps us find our natural rhythms again

Throughout my womb healing journey, and from my 15+ years experience of teaching yoga and movement, I believe yoga and mindful movement may be the most accessible and effective forms of self-healing available to us.  Having trained in movement for trauma, accessible yoga, restorative yoga, yoga for pelvic health, including pre and post natal, and somatic bellydance, I have a strong background in these powerful healing modalities which are adapted specifically to your needs.

If your energy is low, you’re in pain, you aren’t flexible and haven’t exercised in your entire life, then this is likely exactly what you need! It is never too late to start moving, and there are so many ways to adapt movement to all bodies. Movement can be small, yet incredibly powerful when done gently and mindfully. 

Together, we will improve your pelvic health and overall well-being through accessing your innate sensual intelligence and own body’s healing abilities through movement. You will receive a personalised, realistic sequence that you can practice at home and enjoy doing!

All movement that I teach is made accessible for all bodies and trauma-informed. I encourage clients to move at their own pace and honor their own natural rhythms.

Somatic bellydance & authentic movement

Somatic bellydance is a name I give to the holistic, mindful, body-loving, womb-centered approach to bellydance that I have studied under accomplished dancer, musician and teacher Roula Said, of Omlaila Bellydance. It differs from most bellydance training in that it focuses on the dancer’s inner experience, womb-awareness and whole-body experience of movement rather than an external approach of dance technique that is meant for an audience’s gaze. In fact, you can do this practice without even standing up! There is so much to explore through movements done sitting or lying down or rolling around on the floor. It truly is about exploring your authentic internal rhythm patterns and getting in touch with your sensual instincts.  Through exploring flowing shapes such as figure 8’s, circles and waves in your own authentic rhythm, soothing patterns emerge to heal your nervous system, making lasting changes on all levels of being. 

Movement targets all levels of being- the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual when facilitated by an experienced and sensitive guide. I facilitate a safe, healing space at a pace that suits you, helping you to reach your personal goals. 

I also incorporate breathing and visualisation into our sessions and provide take-home meditations for you to do at home. I am trained in prenatal & postpartum yoga, as well as yoga for pelvic health. 

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